August Meal Plan

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I rely heavily on meal planning. I have been doing it for years. It helps so much on busy nights and keeps our grocery budget to a minimum. Today I’m sharing our meal plan for the month of August.

All of the meals that I have included are husband and kid approved. Even better, the majority of them are quick so they are perfect for busy work nights. We always build in one night a week for leftovers, and we love crockpot meals.

If there is a recipe or product that I used for the meal, I have included the link so you can check it out.

8/1- Out of town
8/2- Out to eat with friends (Soji in Baton Rouge- so good!)
8/3- Spaghetti (I make mine using my dad’s recipe that I’ll be posting soon!)
8/4- Pineapple Chicken Sheet Pan Fajitas
8/5- Greek Chicken Bake

Greek Chicken Bake

8/6- Breakfast for Dinner
8/7- Leftovers
8/8- BBQ Chicken and Sausage
8/9- Venison Backstrap and Ceasar Salad
8/10- Tomato Basil Stuffed Chicken
8/11- Tacos (we use either these low carb tortillas or these)
8/12- Leftovers
8/13- Crockpot Mushroom Chicken
8/14- Out of Town
8/15- Out of Town
8/16- Out to eat
8/17- Pork Chops with rice and gravy (recipe from my mother-in-law)
8/18- Sheet Pan Chicken and Veggies (I love cooking this because you can add any veggies you have on hand to the meal)

Sheet Pan Chicken and Veggies

8/19- Egg Rolls in a Bowl
8/20- Leftovers
8/21- Homemade Pizza

8/22- BBQ Chicken and Sausage
8/23- Grilled Chicken Wings with Corn on the Cobb (we toss them in different sauces for a variety)
8/24- Red Beans and Rice (another recipe from my MIL)

Red Beans and Rice

8/25- Shredded Chicken Quesadillas (I cook my chicken breast in the crockpot with a little chicken broth and they shred so easily!)
8/26- Leftovers
8/27- Chicken Nuggets and Sweet Potato Fries
8/28- Tortilla Pizza (add any topping you like)
8/29- Breakfast for Dinner
8/30- Drunken Chicken with Corn on the Cobb and Pork n Beans
8/31- Date Night

Make sure you are following me on Instagram because I share a ton of our meals on there, as well as clips of me prepping them. If you try out any of these recipes, I’d love for you to tag me.

Tomorrow on my YouTube channel, I’ll be sharing a months worth of grocery hauls to accompany all the meals we ate in August. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss it!

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peak into our meal plan from August. I’d love to know what you’ve cooked recently. Please leave any of your favorite recipes below so I can try them out! I’m always on the hunt for new meals to try.

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