Back to School Series- Freezer Crockpot Meals

It’s day 4 of our back to school series! Today Megan (The Lulu Mama) and I are each sharing FIVE freezer crockpot meals. If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’m all about meal planning, saving money and eating home cooked meals as much as possible. I’ll be honest though…towards the end of the week when I’m tired and run down, the last thing I feel like doing is cooking when I get home from work. So, what’s my secret weapon to get a meal on the table? Crockpot Meals! They are so easy that even my husband can cook them! Lol, just kidding…Jason is actually pretty handy in the kitchen.

Every year before I go back to work, I take a day to make a ton of freezer crockpot meals. That way I have them on hand throughout the school year for when I don’t have the energy to cook. The night before I want to serve the meal, I defrost it. In the morning I just have to dump it in the crockpot and turn it on. Side note- make sure you actually turn in on! I’ve been known to forget this part and come home to food wasted…opps! I’m linking the crockpot I have here; it’s currently on sale! Also, if you want a quick cleanup, try using these crockpot liners.

Here are the links to FIVE of my favorite freezer crockpot meals!

Sweet and Sour BBQ Meatballs

Mississippi Roast

Taco Soup

Chicken Fajitas

Chicken and Rice Soup

If you try them out I’d love it if you tag me on Instagram and let me know what you think! Also, don’t forget to head over to Megan’s blog to get five more recipes! If you love easy meals as much as I do, make sure to like and share this post! Thanks so much for reading. XO

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