Potty Training Tips

Potty Training Tips & Tricks

Dare I say it…Grayson is officially potty trained! Today I’m sharing my potty training tips and tricks for how we easily transitioned Grayson to big boy undies. I’m also sharing some essential items that helped during the process.

I don’t know if I’m excited that we no longer have to buy diapers or sad that my baby boy is growing up. Either way, he’s been accident free for over a month, and we are so proud of him!

Potty Training Tips and Tricks

Potty Training Tips

Tip #1: Don’t Rush It

We didn’t push Grayson to use the potty. In fact, I was perfectly fine with him in diapers. I think it’s so much easier than having to drop everything to find a potty (especially with a baby in tow). We did talk about it from time to time and ask him if he wanted to try. If he said, “no,” we dropped it and didn’t push.

When he was about two and a half, he started asking to poop on the potty. That was shocking to me since normally this is where kids struggle. So, anytime he asked to go we let him, and we celebrated!!

Tip #2 Celebrate and Reward Them

When Grayson would poop on the potty, we made the BIGGEST deal out of it…cheering, high-fives, Facetiming family, etc. We also rewarded him with him with a small treat.

At this point he was still only pooping on the potty. He had no interest in peeing, and I still didn’t push. After about two weeks though we decided to try introducing him to big boy undies to see if that would help, and it did!

Tip #3 Let Them Pick Out Undies

I wanted Grayson to be excited about wearing big boy undies. I pulled up Amazon (we were in quarantine and couldn’t go to the store) and let him pick out the undies he wanted. He chose Mickey Mouse ones…no surprise there! When they came in, he couldn’t wait to put them on. This began the full time potty training.

Tip #4: Use the Potty Often

In the first day or two that he wore big boy undies, we made sure to take Grayson to the potty every 15 minutes. Even if he said he didn’t need to, we made him try. If he did something, he was rewarded with a small treat. On day three we started to space out the time between bathroom trips and continued that process each day. After about a week, he had the hang of it. We didn’t make him try at timed intervals, but did still make sure to ask him often.

Tip #5: Don’t Scold Accidents

Accidents are bound to happen and that’s okay. We made sure never to get upset when Grayson wet his pants. We just cleaned him up and told him he would get it right the next time.

Potty Training Essentials

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As I stated above, undies of their choice makes your child is excited to start the process.

We found this cute potty training book that we read over and over again.

For the car, I bought this portable urinal (there is also one for girls) and an on-the-go potty with the disposable bags. Both have gotten plenty of use!

Stock up on wipes- both disinfecting wipes ones (hard to find at the moment, but oh so important) and flushable wipes for after they use the bathroom.

A stool to help them get on and off the potty and wash their hands is always a good idea.

Finally some kind of treat or incentive to reward their efforts!

We didn’t mess around with mini potty’s because I didn’t want to have to transition him to the normal one later on. I also didn’t want the hassle of cleaning it. However, I know many people who have used them and love them.

I hope you find some of these potty training tips and tricks helpful. Just remember that all kids are different and what worked for Grayson may not work for your child. Be patient, stay positive and know that it will happen when they are ready!

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