Toddler Gift Guide

With Christmas right around the corner, I’ve compiled a list of 10 ideas that would make for great toddler gifts. You’re sure to find some great ideas in this toddler gift guide.

Grayson turned 2 in November, so this will be his first Christmas that he kind of grasps the idea of presents. While it is so important for us to teach him the real meaning of Christmas, what kid doesn’t love getting gifts?

Some of these ideas are items he already has and loves, while others are on our wish list!

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Grayson is going through a phase where he is obsessed with helping us clean. A few months back we got him this toy Dyson vacuum cleaner, which he uses on a daily basis.

This year I want to add to his cleaning supplies with the Melissa and Doug housekeeping set! Hopefully, with all of these products he will learn to stop throwing food…or at least clean up the mess he makes when doing so!


As a teacher, I am a big proponent of educational gifts and toys. Books are a huge part of our everyday routine. Grayson loves to look at books during the day, and Jason and I read to him nightly before bed. His favorite books are ones that make noise, light up or have anything to do with animals. Here are a few of Grayson’s current favorites:


Another educational toy that won’t break the bank is a puzzle. Puzzles are great for fine motor development, problem-solving, and cognitive skills. Grayson already has a few different puzzles that he likes, but I am especially excited to get him this wooden personalized name puzzle this Christmas so he can start practicing letter recognition and spelling his name.


Another great gift that we recently just got for Grayson’s birthday is these Melissa and Doug standard size building blocks. These are the larger size, which is perfect for toddlers and their developmental skills. This set comes with 60 pieces, and you can also buy add-on packs that include blocks and cars to build cities. There is so much kids can do with this set of blocks. I know Grayson will love stacking them and building just as much as he will enjoy knocking them down!


This Melissa and Doug Ball Tower is another toy that Grayson recently got for his birthday last month, but it is quickly becoming a favorite. He loves pounding away at the balls and watching them roll down the ramps. Disclaimer: Be sure to watch out for other kids, babies, pets, and breakables that your child might accidentally hit with the hammer (speaking from personal experience here!)…it is heavy.


The Pottery Barn Everywhere Chair is another must-have for kids. We currently have one for Grayson, and will soon be buying a second one for Audrey! I love them because they are big enough to be used for many years, but don’t take up a ton of space. The cover also easily comes off so you can wash it when your child spills something.


This gift idea is a recommendation from my best friend who says it’s her little boy’s favorite toy! It is portable and easy to store so it doesn’t take up lots of floor space. It also has realistic ridged roads so the trains bump along as your child drives them. You can check it out here.


This next gift idea is a dry erase magnetic board, which can be very educational and serve many purposes. Kids can practice tracing and writing with dry-erase markers or use letter magnets to build words. This would also be a great place to house a chore chart or track things like using the potty or sleeping in their own bed. Many of them like the one I’m linking here can fold up and easily fit under a couch or a bed.


This tricycle is another item on our wish list for Grayson. He loves to be outside and is super active. I think he is old enough to ride it by himself, but I love that this one has the option of being a stroller just in case. Also, I really like the feature of the UV blocking canopy which is a must-have in this Louisiana heat.


The final item is a bit on the pricy side, but a kitchen set is a must-have for toddlers! The one I have my eye on is this one from Pottery Barn Kids, where you can always find coupons for at least 20% off. Since I know both Grayson and Audrey will play with this for many years, I want to invest in a good one. This is also a good option for grandparents, who are looking for a nice gift for all of the grandkids combined…hint hint K and Papa:) There are also TONS of other more affordable options on Amazon!

Also, if you’re looking for activities to do with your kids during Christmas, make sure to check out my FREE Countdown to Christmas activity guide that I just launched!

I hope you got some good gift ideas from this toddler gift guide. Thanks so much for reading! Happy shopping and Merry Christmas! XOXO

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