Planner Palooza Day 7- Planning Inspiration and Online Calendars

We’ve come to the seventh and FINAL DAY of my planner series! I want to first say THANK YOU to everyone for the positive feedback and engagement I’ve gotten over the past week. I think it’s awesome that so many of you love planning as much as I do. To show my appreciation, I am doing a GIVEAWAY on Instagram. Head over there for all the details.

As anyone with kids knows, the old saying is true- it takes a village to raise them! While my Life Planner and daily petite planners are MY essentials for staying organized, it doesn’t exactly help others stay in the loop. Today, I’m sharing how I keep everyone else aware of our busy schedule and where each person needs to be.


The final step in my planning process each week is to upload any important information that pertains to my husband, myself or the kids to our digital calendar. We use iCalendar because we all have iPhones, but there are many other apps with great digital planning systems. Each member of our family has a separate calendar and color dedicated to him. For example, Jason is yellow, Alex is purple and the entire family is blue. Certain calendars are then shared (through iCloud) with the members of the family that they pertain to. I share all the calendars with Jason so he is aware of everything going on. The “family” calendar gets shared with Alex as well, and finally the calendars for Grayson and Audrey get shared with my mom and mother-in-law. The reason for this is because they often help to bring them to appointments since Jason and I both work. When I enter an appointment or activity into iCalendar, it automatically syncs with other members of the family. I even set alarms so they get reminders! I also make sure to include all important events like birthdays and anniversaries (set to repeat yearly), so know one forgets!

Planner Inspiration

Many people would be surprised to learn that there is an entire online planner community. A quick search will lead you to hundreds of accounts on Instagram and YouTube dedicated to planning. I get much of my inspiration and ideas here. I have rounded up some of my favorite planner ladies for you to check out. I know you will love them!

I really hope you have enjoyed this week long planner series as much as I have loved putting it together. I honestly could talk about planners for days, so if you have any questions or just want to chat, leave me a comment below or send me a message on Instagram. Be sure you enter the giveaway too for your chance to win a planner (or other swag) from Erin Condren! #notsponsored Also, if you missed any of the previous post from this week, you can find them below:

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Happy planning! I hope everyone has a wonderful and productive week:)

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