Halloween Decorations

Halloween Home Decor

I’ve finally finished putting out our Halloween home decor.

Growing up, my mom went all out decorating for every. single. holiday. I’m sure that’s where I get it from.

Now that I have kids it’s even more fun to decorate. This year Grayson was SO excited to help put out the decorations. I think he’s been asking since July lol.

Decorating for holidays doesn’t have to be expensive. I like to set a budget each year and slowly add to my collection. I also always look for a good sale before purchasing holiday decor.

If you want to see my new affordable Halloween decorations for this year, check out my Tuesday’s Ten- Halloween Decor post.

I do sometimes splurge on a higher priced item each year, but I mainly stick to cute and affordable decor. It also helps that I get lots of hand-me-downs from my mom, too!

Here is a peek of our Halloween home decor this year.

The outside is one of my favorite areas. I found the door swags on major sale at Michaels last year. The witch legs were from Grandin Road (one of those splurge pieces I mentioned, but also on sale.)

Here is one of my favorite pictures from last year. Look how little Grayson was!

Fun fact…that pumpkin with the hat has been around since I was a kid and it’s held up well!

The foyer of our house is also decorated with a mixture of second-hand decorations and newer pieces from the past few years.

Foyer Halloween Decor

The bats are our latest addition, but one of my favorites! They come in a pack of 100, so you can put them in lots of different areas of your home.

The candy dish with the hand was found at Walgreens! The “BOO” pumpkin is one of my new pieces this year (under $20) and the witch is from my mom.

This is currently Grayson’s favorite area of the house because of the three dressed up figurines that hold candy corn. Trying to convince a toddler that candy is not for breakfast is a struggle (which is why they are currently empty!)

My favorite spot in the house is our mantle. It has taken a few years to collect this decor, but it has come together so well.

The mantle scarf (currently sold out) and harlequin pumpkins (I linked one that is still available) add the perfect pop to our living room.

The spider was a gift to Grayson from my father-in-law…it lights up, makes noise, and moves up and down! I also added a Halloween countdown to the center…a great way for Grayson to practice numbers.

This year I also added a few small Halloween decorations to our bookcases. This is an area that I will add to over the next few years. The candy corn pumpkins are from Walgreens, and the skeleton and BOO runner were both found on sale at Kirklands.

In the corner of the living room, I put this animated werewolf (a surprise gift from my husband to Grayson this year). The cauldron is used as a toy bin and this fun Mr. Potato Head style pumpkin is one of the kids’ current favorite toys.

Halloween home decor

I also love adding a pop of festivity to the couches by changing out the pillows for each holiday. I currently have two out.

Another new and inexpensive decoration I got is this tabletop pumpkin that I found at Walgreens for under $10. I put it in the guest bathroom with a Bath and Body Works candle. The perfect touch of festiveness without going overboard.

Pumpkin Tabletop Decor

The final area in our house that I added a little Halloween flair to is the kitchen. On our buffet table, I put a few hand-me-down decorations from my mom, along with these light-up pumpkin lights.

Halloween home decor

One of my favorite was to decorate for any holiday is with family pictures from years past. I currently only have this one picture from Grayson’s first Halloween. I have my eye on these few frames, too!

The final area I decorated was the table. I always have these glass candle holders on it. To change it up a bit I added some candy corn and switched out the candles to these festive ones. I also put down a spider-webbed table runner.

Halloween home decor

Hope you enjoyed this sneek peak into this years Halloween home decor. Thanks so much for reading! XOXO

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