Halloween Crafts and Treats

Over the past few weeks, we have had so much fun making Halloween crafts and treats. This time of year is always a blast! I love creating these memories with my kiddos, and wanted to share some of these easy ideas.

You may be spending Halloween at home and want to plan something fun for your family. Or, maybe you need a festive treat to take to a party. Either way, you are sure to get some inspiration!

Halloween Treats

First up are FOUR festive food ideas because let’s face it…we all love to eat!

We started off by making these adorable mummy hot dogs. They were so easy and both Grayson and Audrey loved them.

To make them all you need are hot dogs, crescent rolls and mustard.

Simply cut the crescent rolls into strips and wrap each hot dog leaving a small opening for the face. Bake them according to the directions on the crescent roll package (about 10 minutes.) Then, use the mustard to add two dots for eyes.

mummy hotdogs
Halloween mummy hotdogs

Next up were these two simple snack options: witch broomsticks and spooky spider cookies.

The broomsticks are made out of pretzel sticks and string cheese. To make these, use half of a pretzel stick and attach 1/3 stick of string cheese. Use a knife to create slits on the string cheese to look like the bristles.

To make the spider cookies all you need are Oreos, pretzel sticks, candy corn, and candy eyes. Gently open the Oreo to assemble the legs (pretzel sticks) and fangs (candy corn). Then top it with two candy eyes (I used a bit of icing to help them stick.)

Halloween treats

Finally, we made lots of different cupcakes since Grayson has been really into sweets and baking. I got this pumpkin and ghost cupcake pan that we used to make some of them, and we used lots of other Halloween themed items to make the rest.

Halloween treats
Halloween cupcakes

If you want another great Halloween dessert idea, make sure to check out these adorable ghost cookies that I have made every year since I was a kid.

Crafts and Activities

Now that we have full bellies, its time to move on to the crafts and activities. The older my kiddos get, the more they are enjoying being creative, which I absolutely love!

First up was this fun Halloween themed bath. I found this idea on The Busy Toddler’s Instagram page. It was so easy to create and so much fun! Grayson would have stayed in the tub for an hour if we let him.

We used red and yellow watercolor tabs to make the orange color. Then we filled the tub with various spooky Halloween trinkets (skeletons, snakes, eyeballs, etc.). He used his Halloween bucket to collect the toys over and over again!

Halloween bath

Halloween wouldn’t be complete without carving pumpkins! This year we carved two different ones. Jason did the scary face, and I used this skeleton kit to create mine.

Halloween Activities

The kids had so much fun cleaning the goop out of the pumpkins. No surprise that Audrey wanted to eat it! Lol!

carving pumpkins
Halloween activities

The final Halloween activity we did was painting pumpkins. This was another hit. We bought a few mini pumpkins and let the kids use washable paint to decorate them!

painting pumpkins

This Halloween has definitely been one for the books. Even though we are limited to where we can go because of COVID, we have made the most of it by doing as many fun activities as we can.

I hope everyone has a Happy Halloween! I’d love it if you shared this post, and if you try out any of these treats or activities, be sure to tag me on Instagram so I can see! Thanks so much for reading. XOXO

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