Thanksgiving Leftovers: 3 Meal Ideas

Like many families, we often overestimate the amount of food we need on Thanksgiving Day. The big question is “What to do with all the leftover turkey!?!” There is the obvious answers of turkey sandwiches or putting the meat on a salad, but that gets old quick. Today I’m sharing three easy and delicious recipes that would be perfect for all of your Turkey Day leftovers.

Turkey Enchiladas

We LOVE Mexican food in our family, so this recipe is right up our alley! I’ve made a variation of this dish many times with chicken, but this was my first time testing it out with turkey and it was delish! This super simple meal is perfect for a weeknight…it only takes about 10 minutes to prep and 20 minutes to bake.

The ingredients you need are:

  • 2 cups shredded turkey
  • 1 can of black beans (be sure to drain and rinse them)
  • 1 small can of diced green chiles
  • seasoning (I used salt, pepper and cumin)
  • 2 cups of shredded cheese (or more!)
  • red enchilada sauce (I used 2 cans)
  • 12 tortillas of your choice

To make the enchiladas, simply lay the tortillas out on a flat clean surface. First, evenly fill the tortillas with turkey, beans, green chiles, and cheese. Be sure to save half of your cheese for the top of the dish. Sprinkle a little seasoning on each enchilada. Next, take half of the enchilada sauce and coat the bottom of a baking dish. Tightly roll the tortillas and place them side by side in the baking dish (you may have to squish them together a bit to fit them all). To finish, top the tortillas with the remaining enchilada sauce and cheese and bake for 15-20 minutes at 375 degrees.

Turkey and Rice Soup

This next recipe was also one that I’ve made before, but never with turkey. I’ve got to say that I loved it! I used turkey that had been covered in gravy and that extra flavor make this soup that much better. It is perfect comfort food for cold and flu season when so many people are under the weather. It is also loaded with immune system boosting veggies! Feel free to add as many as you want, but I used the following:

  • 1 onion (diced)
  • 4-5 stalks celery (diced)
  • 4 large carrots (diced)
  • 2 Tb butter
  • 2 large boxes of chicken broth
  • shredded turkey
  • 1 large onion
  • thyme, garlic and onion powder, salt and pepper to taste
  • 1 cup brown rice (uncooked)

First melt the butter and sauté the onion and garlic until translucent. Next, add in the carrots and celery and cook until tender. Then add in the chicken broth and bring to a boil. Add in the shredded turkey. Finally, add in a cup of rice. Let the soup simmer for at least 30 minutes until the rice is cooked. I added a little more liquid at the end because I like my soup to have lots of juice.

Turkey Alfredo Spaghetti Squash

This final recipe was a brand new one for me but it did not disappoint! I will definitely be making it again because my entire family enjoyed it. The original recipe can be found here. The only thing I changed was using turkey instead of chicken, but I’m sure it would be great either way! The recipe says it makes 4 servings, but I think it can feed at least 6 if the spaghetti squash is big.

Hopefully these recipes will give you some inspiration for ways to use your leftover turkey. If you try one of them out be sure to tag me on Instagram @organized_chaosblog. Also, if you have any good recipes that you love be sure to leave them below. Happy Turkey Day!! 🙂

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