Rainy Day Activities

Rain, rain go away!!! Here in South Louisiana the weather has been rainy and gross the majority of the week. That means I’ve been stuck inside with a baby and a VERY active toddler. The upside is getting to stay in our jammies all day, however, finding ways to entertain them indoors that don’t involve TV or technology can be a struggle. I feel like we played with all the toys we own and tried so every activity I could think of to keep them occupied! Full disclosure- we were at my parent’s house for part of the week, and it’s like a play land there! Here are five fun activities to keep your kiddos busy inside until the rain stops and they can put on their boots to splash in the puddles!

Kinetic Sand or Play Dough

Play-doh was one of my favorite activities as a kid, and Grayson loves it too. I really like all the fun kits which makes playing even more fun. The newest item to our activity box is kinetic sand! I saw it this year in a pre-K classroom at my school, and knew that I had to get it for Grayson. It feels similar to wet sand and can be molded into different shapes. I’m not sure how it works, but it is amazing! I highly recommend it, especially if you are looking for a craft type activity with minimal mess.

Cleaning House

My mom’s housecleaner came while we were there this week, and Grayson LOVES “helping” her. He follows her around asking a million questions about everything she is doing lol. To occupy him and let him help, we got him this Melissa and Doug cleaning caddy. We also cleaned out an old spray bottle and filled it with water. He spent hours going around the house spraying and wiping down the windows and doors. I hope he wants to help clean like that when he is older!


Another great indoor activity that Grayson loves is baking cookies. He is getting to the age where he can really help in the kitchen pouring and mixing. There are SOOO many cute and easy treats you can bake in the kitchen. Just do a quick Google or Pinterest search to get inspired! The best part is you will have lots of yummy goodies to snack on when you do settle in for some TV time at the end of the day.

Arts and Crafts

If it involves glue, markers or paint, Grayson is all in! Lucky for him, K (my mom) is all about the arts and crafts. She has the entire setup with this easel and paint accessories. He has the best time creating his masterpieces. Rainy days are also the perfect time to try out any of the cute crafts you see floating around Pinterest that you always say you will eventually get around to making with your kiddos!

Reading Books

While this is an activity that we try to do daily no matter what the weather is like outside, rainy days are the perfect time to grab a stack of books and cuddle up on the couch.

What are some ways you like to keep your kids occupied when it’s too rainy to go outside? I’d love to hear from you because I’m always looking for new ideas for indoor entertainment.

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