Quarantine Keepsake

Today is our last official day of quarantine. Louisiana’s stay-at-home order has been lifted, and Jason returns to work on tomorrow. While part of me is glad to have a little sense of normalcy back, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t sad to see this time come to an end. Yes, there were moments during the past 63 days that were stressful, but they were greatly outnumbered by the amazing memories we created. I will miss the slow days where we stayed in our pjs all day, the extra family time, and especially having Jason home to help calm the chaos a little. I will be forever grateful for the extra time I got with my husband and kids. I wanted to do something to document our time together as a family, so we created this salt dough handprint plaque to have as keepsake of quarantine 2020.

To make the dough for the plaque you need the following ingredients:

3 cups flower

1 1/2 cups water

1 1/2 cups salt

**You can adjust this recipe based on how big you want your plaque to be and how many hands you need to fit.

Steps to creating the plaque:

1. Combine ingredients in a large bowl and mix until it forms the dough

2. Roll the dough on a tray or parchment paper in the desired size and shape

3. Press hands firmly into the dough to create handprint impressions

4. Bake on 250 degrees for 2-3 hours (it may take longer)

***I raised the temperature to 300 degrees toward the end because it was not hard enough.

5. Let cool for 1 hour

6. Decorate or paint the plaque to your liking

7 Seal with Mod Podge

***Note: This was my first time working with salt dough and Mod Podge, so it took a little trial and error. After painting the salt dough, I had a hard time getting the sharpie marker to transfer to write the words “our family quarantine.” To fix this issue, I first put the Mod Podge over the paint and let it completely dry. I then went back and used sharpies to write our names and the title. It worked well doing it this way.

I love the way it turned out and hope years from now when I look at this plaque I remember all the amazing family memories we made during this time. Make sure to check out my Instagram stories to see more details on how I made this cute quarantine keepsake!

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