Pumpkin Fun!

This weekend was perfect! We had absolutely no plans (for the first time in a while) and took full advantage by relaxing, watching football and making memories with the kiddos!

We let Grayson put his artistic skills to work by painting a mini pumpkin. He had a BLAST as is evident by the look on his face. This was such an easy and inexpensive activity with minimal mess. We made sure to use washable #crayola paint for easy clean up because there is always an accident or two when using paint. I even got in on the action at halftime of the LSU game and decorated my own pumpkin. I’m pretty sure that’s what did the trick in bringing home that win:)

After the game was over we decided to carve a pumpkin. Daddy did the carving while Grayson and Mickey Mouse watched. Grayson was a little distracted because he loves to be outside, but he was also very curious as to what Jason was doing with a knife (“boo boo Daddy!”) We let Grayson take all the seeds and gook out…he did NOT want to touch it with his hands, but had fun getting it all out with the spoon. He liked pointing out the eyes, nose and mouth as Jason carved them, but his favorite part was when we lit the candle and put it inside the pumpkin!

We couldn’t leave Audrey Claire out of the pumpkin action this year either. Since she’s still so little, I just HAD to try getting a picture of her inside a pumpkin. At first she didn’t like it, but she warmed up pretty quickly. She is just too cute for words, and I will treasure this picture for many Halloweens to come!

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