Planner Palooza Day 1- Why I Love Planning

Welcome to my week-long planner series…aka planner palooza! This week I will be covering everything from WHY I love to plan, HOW I plan out my month, weeks and days, my favorite planner systems, how I keep my family in the loop, and the items I use while planning to keep me as productive as possible.

One of the most common questions I get is how do I manage to get so much done on a daily basis? This often makes me laugh because I DO NOT always have it all together. Some days (or weeks) I am a complete hot mess! However, I have a few non negotiables for how I stay as productive as possible, the main one being PLANNING and prioritizing my schedule and to dos.

I thrive best off of a routine. While I don’t work well with an extremely structured minute by minute schedule, I do like to organize my schedule with a general list of tasks and appointments, so I know exactly what needs to get done in the limited time blocks that I have. I will say that if I have one strong suit, it is that I am a great multitasker, and I am efficient with my time. I think being a teacher (and now a mom) and having to balance a million things at once has helped me to perfect these skills.


When most people think of planning, they probably picture a plain agenda where you write down appointments, important events and tasks to complete. However, for me, planning is so much more than just a way to stay organized. It is my creative outlet, my stress relief and my mini form of memory keeping. I have ALWAYS loved planning, stickers, scrapbooking and being creative. I remember making lists, doo and having huge sticker collections as a kid. I also was really big into scrapbooking in college. Unfortunately, I no longer have the time for that, so planning is my way of still getting to be creative in a fraction of the time…plus it keeps me productive! Some people would be shocked to learn that there is an entire planner community online (I will share more about this later in the week.) I keep my planners from years past and have so much fun looking back on events that happened and how my life, planning style, and priorities have changed throughout the years!

***My planners that date back to 2014***

With that being said, I realize this style of “decorative” planning is not for everyone, and I get it! But, if you are like me and like to make your planners and to-do lists look cute, while also being extremely FUNCTIONAL, then stay tuned this week for all the details on how I stay organized.

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