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After having two babies in less than two years, it’s safe to say those tiny bikinis I have from my younger days had to be replaced. While I am beyond grateful for my body and the tiny humans it’s given me, I certainly don’t feel as confident in a swimsuit as I did in my pre-baby days. However, I love the beach, and we spend a lot of time by the pool, so like it or not, I’m in suit often. Before our recent beach trip, I went on the hunt to find a few new suits. I ordered a ton and narrowed it down to the ones I loved the most. I wanted a suit that made me feel good about myself, hid my problem area, and provided excellent booty coverage. Here are my six mom approved swimsuits:

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White and Blue Palm from Cupshe

This was my first time ordering from this company, and I must admit I was a bit skeptical because of the low price point. I was pleasantly surprised that I really love this suite, and the palm print is perfect for the beach.

One piece high neck mesh monokini from Amazon

This suite falls in my top 3. I cannot say enough good things about it! It is by far the most flattering of all the ones I got (maybe because it is black), and it is one of those pieces you just feel really comfortable in. The high neck is perfect if you have kids who like to pull and tug (the girls aren’t popping out of this one!) It’s available in over 40 colors and patterns and under $30.

One-Shoulder Ruffle One-Piece from JCrew

I loved this one immediately because it was bright, girly and fun! I was a bit worried that it wouldn’t provide enough coverage up top, but I had zero problems even carrying the kids in and out of the water at the beach. This suit is currently on MAJOR sale and available in three color: Jade, Navy and Sweet Briar.

Momtini from Beaufort Bonnet Company

I love the mom swimsuits from TBBC. The material is silky soft and they are so comfortable and flattering. I also love that they make the matching suits for your littles (yes, I’m that mom!) Currently, this suit is on sale on the website, so don’t miss out!

Hipster Bikini Bottom and Bikini Top from Target

It take A LOT to get me into a bikini because I can’t ever find a bottom I like. My torso is very short, so the on-trend high waisted bikini bottoms just don’t look good on me. I also wouldn’t even attempt a low rise bikini bottom. This one is the perfect in between rise. It covers the mom pooch, and still looks flattering on my short waisted body. I like to mix and match tops

The Sidestroke from Summersalt

Save the best for last! This is the suite I was most excited about trying because it came so highly recommended by all of you. It did not disappoint! It sucks you in and provides full boob and butt support. I got so many compliments when I wore this at the beach. It comes in 13 different colors, and I for sure will be buying another one!

I hope you and your family have the best summer! After this crazy spring we all deserve it!

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