March Favorites

We’ve come to the end of another month. I’m sure everyone would agree that this has been the most challenging month of 2020 thus far. With the rapid spread of Corona, we have been learning to adjust to a new normal quarantined at home. While a big part of me is soaking up these days being home with my family, I also have my moments of wishing life would go back to normal. However, I am beyond grateful that my family and friends are healthy, and we are doing our best to stay productive and have fun while safe at home. Here are my top ten favorites that have been keeping us sane in month of March.

1. Boiled Crawfish

If you aren’t lucky enough to have access to our amazing cuisine, it’s crawfish season in Louisiana! One of my all time favorite things is getting together with family and friends for a cajun crawfish boil. My daddy boiled some for us before the stay at home order was put into effect, but there are still tons of restaurants doing take out. When you can support your favorite local establishments and get some yummy crawfish at the same time, it’s a win-win in my book. Also, how cute is this Lil Bit Kids Crawfish Boil Set. The kids love it and can boil their crawfish right along with us!

2. NoseFrida

While one perk to living in Louisiana is the amazing food, a downside is the pollen and the horrible allergies associated with it. Audrey Claire unfortunately has inherited Jason’s horrible sinuses, so we have been using the NoseFrida constantly. It took me a while to get on board with this product, but now I understand why it is so highly rated on every baby must have list. If your little one struggle with a runny nose and you haven’t tired this, I highly recommend it!

3. Crockpot

My crockpot has been another favorite, not just this month, but every month. I use it weekly to make easy home cooked meals for my family. As a working mom, I am usually exhausted by the end of the day. Sometimes it is nice to know you don’t have to stand in front of the stove at night preparing a meal. I love trying out new recipes. I recently did a blog post sharing three of our recent favorites. You can check it out here if you are interested.

4. Face Time/Zoom

Between work calls, chatting with our family and virtual happy hours with girlfriends, Face Time and Zoom have been amazing. As easy as it would be to complain about being stuck at home, we are SO lucky to have modern technology to keep us connected to our loved ones and our jobs as much as possible.

5. Little Tykes Water Slide

It’s already in the 80s in Louisiana with record breaking heat. Last year, my mom got the kids this Little Tikes Slam n’ Curve Water Slide for Easter, and we got so much use out of it. Its only March and we’ve already taken it out for some fun in the sun. This is such a great way to occupy Grayson during the day and have fun as a family while we are staying safe at home. I know this will be a favorite for the next few months.

6. Fruit Feeding Pacifier

Audrey still hasn’t quite gotten the hang out of using a spoon to eat, but she loves eating her fruits and veggies from these feeder pacifiers. The exact ones we have are by Munchkin and are no longer available on Amazon, but these are similar and have great ratings. I am actually ordering a set so we can have as a backup! I take the homemade food that I have frozen in ice cube trays and put them inside the pacifier. They are like a baby popsicle and teether in one that she can chew on and enjoy!

7. ABC Mouse

Along with being at home comes the huge responsibility of homeschooling Grayson. I know he is only two, but it is so important to me to continue working on the foundational skills he was learning at daycare. While I would like to think I have the time (or energy) to devote the entire day to working with him, the truth is I sill have to work, take care of Audrey, and keep the house clean. Enter ABC Mouse…the best app I have found for kids two and up. It is educational and engaging, so I don’t feel guilty with the extra screen time. If you want to try it out for your little one, head to Make sure to search for a coupon code too because there are some great ones floating around right now.

8. Natives

Natives are some of my favorite shoes for my kids. They are a stylish version of a croc and come in so many colors. I love them because they are great to wear year round, and the kids love them becaue they are so comfortable. I don’t have to worry about Grayson running around in the mud outside either because they hold up great and are super easy to clean.

9. A Million Little Things

While everyone and their brother is talking about the latest Netflix hit, Tiger King, I have been spending the past few weeks binge watching A Million Little Things on ABC. I started watching it when it first premiered last year, but life got in the way and I just didn’t have the time to keep up with it. When I saw the preview for the season 2 finale, I remembered how much I loved the show and picked up where I left off. I have been watching an episode every night before bed. I can’t wait to see the season finale tonight. What should be the next show that I watch?

10. Amazon Leggings

Amazon Prime has been my go to over the past few weeks for everything. With the majority of stores closed it is the safest and easiest way to order any and all things our family needs. Since I have no need to get “dressed” for work, I have been living in my mommy wardrobe, aka leggings. My go to is usually Lulu, however I am always on the hunt for a more affordable alternative. I think I have found them! These Crz Yoga pants are amazing and under $30. I was introduced to them when I won a pair from my friend Brooke who fitness blogger @fittotraveltheworld (go follow her on insta) and have since bought another pair and a sports bra.

As of yesterday, our governor extended our stay at home order until April 30, so it looks like we will be getting even more family time at home in the upcoming month. Please let me know any and all products that will help make this time easier! Also, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @organized_chaosblog for much more.

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