Learning Activities for Toddlers

Prior to this quarantine, Grayson and Audrey Claire were in daycare. Grayson especially was learning so much on a daily basis. Since we are now stuck at home, it is very important that I continue working with him. I am a mom, but I am also a teacher, so I know how important it is for kids to be exposed to fun and educational activities from a early age. While we are still in the process of creating a schedule and getting used to this new normal, I have been implementing daily learning activities. Today I am sharing three that we loved from this week.

Easter egg Number Matching

The first activity we did was number matching. Grayson has been able to rote count for a while now, so we are currently working on number/object association. I created this cute Easter egg matching game that requires him to count the number of dots on one side of the egg and match it with the corresponding number on the other side. Then the two side can be glued to a piece of construction paper (because what toddler doesn’t love getting to use glue!) Here is a video of how we did the activity.

I also used the same concept to create uppercase and lowercase letter matching. We have not tried this one yet. To be honest, I think he is still a little young. If you would like to download either of these activities for free click here for the number matching or here for the letter matching. Be sure to tag me on instagram @organized_chaosblog to show me how you used them!

Animal Rescue

This idea was shared with me by a friend I used to teach with, and it was a huge hit! All you need is a cookie tray, tape and a puzzle. We already have tons of animal puzzles at home like these by Melissa and Doug. To set this activity up, tape the puzzle pieces to a cookie tray as though the animals are “trapped.” The object is to free the animals and return them to their home (aka their correct place on the puzzle.) This was so much fun and added a little extra challenge to the normal puzzle building he is used to. To make it even more educational, we talked about each animal as they were put back in their place. “What is the name of this animal?” “What sound does it make?” “Where have you seen this animal before?” The more kids can talk about the world around them the more knowledge they will have!


This ABC activity can be used many different ways and modified to fit different learning levels. All I did to set it up was use 1/2 a sheet of construction paper for each letter of the alphabet and tape them to a wall in our house. I plan on leaving these letters up for the foreseeable future so we can continue to go back to them. Here are several different activities you can do with the alphabet:

Write out individual letters on any type of Post-it note or sticky dots. Have them place the sticky letter to the matching letter on the wall. For younger kiddos like Grayson who are just starting to learn their letters, you can go in order. As they get better you can randomize them.

For more advanced learners you can work on letter sounds and words. For example, you can say “Point to the letter that makes the _____ sound.” Or you can do things like, “What letter does the word “alligator” start with?” and have them point to the A. To make it even more fun we have one of these pointer finger sticks that Grayson love to use!

Since the letters are on colored construction paper, this is also a great opportunity to talk about what colors are associated with each letter. You can also work on counting. “How many blue letters do you see?” The possibilities are endless!

I hope you can implement some of these fun learning activities with your little ones. I will be sharing many more in the upcoming weeks. In the meantime, make sure to follow me on Instagram so you don’t miss out on any of our learning fun! Hope you all have a great weekend:)

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