June Favorites

How is tomorrow the start of July already? I feel like each month just passes quicker and quicker. I didn’t get around to my May monthly favorites, so these 10 items are the best of the best from the past TWO months. We’ve been getting back to normal a little bit around here. We went on a beach trip with our family this month, sports are starting back up for Alex, and we have been getting out of the house (safely) a little more. However, we are still spending the majority of our time at home, and trying to entertain ourselves and the kids. Here are ten items we’ve been loving over the past two month. Hope you enjoy!

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Baby Foot

This exfoliation foot peel is the best I’ve ever used. The package comes with two foot socks that are filled with the solution. After soaking your feet in warm water, you put them on for an hour after a bath. Within a week all the dead skin peels off your heels leaving your feet baby soft and ready for summer sandals. I liked it so much I did it twice over the past few months.

Bogg Bag

I went on the hunt to find a Bogg Bag before our recent beach trip and I ended up getting two. I wanted to see what the hype was about. They really are pretty amazing. For starters, they are huge so you can fit so much in them. What makes the Bogg Bag unique is it’s patented design, durability, and it’s washable! Unlike other totes, the Bogg Bag won’t tip over. The bottom won’t leak. And at the end of the day, simply hose off your Bogg Bag put it away for  your next adventure! It includes useful features like a plastic zipper pouch insert to secure your personal items like a wallet, car keys, or your cell phone. They are currently out of stock, but gettin more daily, so keep checking if you want one.

Crayola Bath Dropz and Colors

Another item that I talked about in my bathtub essentials post are these Crayola bath dropz and colors. Both continue to be a favorite of both Grayson and Audrey month after month. They love changing the color of the water and drawing all over the tub when taking their baths at night.

GoBe Snack Spinner

These snack wheels are perfect for on-the-go or at home. They are compact so you can easily toss them in your bag. They can also fit up to five different snacks, and the best part is only one compartment opens at a time so your kids can’t spill them. This is a great way to give kids several snack options in small portion sizes.

Big Summer

The book I read this month was Big Summer by Jennifer Weiner. It’s about a girl who gets roped into being the maid of honor in her former best friend’s wedding. This book was filled with twists and turns and a surprise ending that I did not see coming. It was so good and the perfect easy read for summer!

Kinetic Sand

After recently coming back fro the beach, Grayson has been all about the sand. We do have a sand box outside, but that can get messy, and it’s so hot here. We got him this kinetic sand for inside and it is so much fun. It feels just like wet sand. The particles stick together making it easy to mold into any shape. Best of all, there is little mess so no cleanup.

Homemade Pizza

I discovered this homemade pizza recipe from a blogger I follow a few months back, and we have been making it ALL. THE. TIME. Probably not the best food for getting swimsuit ready, but the dough is made with Greek Yogurt so it has to be healthy right? Lol! It is so good, and we love experimenting with different toppings. Our favorite so far is pesto with a ton of meats and veggies.

Sun Hat

My kids love to be outside, so we have been spending a ton of time in the sun this past month. If there is one thing this mama doesn’t need, its more wrinkles or sun damage to my face. Along with making sure to apply sunscreen daily, I also always have a hat on. This one is one of my favorites because of the opening at the top which allows me to also throw my hair in a top knot. It also rolls up so you can easily toss it into your purse or bag for on the go use.

Tractor and Trailer

If you’ve watched my Instagram stories in the past few months, you most definitely have seen how much use this John Deere tractor gets. This was a birthday present for his 2nd birthday, and Grayson rides it every day! He especially looks forward to the weekend when he can be just like his daddy while he helps him cut grass in the backyard!

How have the past few months been for y’all? Are things slowly starting to get back to normal where you are? I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to and for you to follow me on Instagram too! Thanks so much for reading and be sure to share! -xoxo

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