Halloween Decor 2019

Growing up, my mom went all out decorating for every. single. holiday. I’m sure that’s where I get it from, and now that I have kids it’s even more fun to decorate. This year Grayson was SO excited to help put out the “ween” decorations, as he calls them. Here is a peek at some of the Halloween decor we put up this year.

The outside is one of my favorite areas. I found the door swags on major sale at Michaels and the witch legs were from Grandin Road, also on sale. Everything else is a hand-me-down from my mom. That’s one of the best perks of her love for decorating…I get so much of her extras! The pumpkin with the hat is has been around since I was a kid and it’s held up well!

The foyer of our house is also decorated with mostly second hand decorations from my mom. This is currently Grayson’s favorite area of the house because of the 3 dressed up figurines that hold candy corn. Trying to convince a toddler that candy is not for breakfast is a struggle!

Every year I get one or two new decorations to add to my collection, and this year I chose a few things from Grandin Road….they have the cutest stuff at a reasonable price, and they always have coupons. The mantle scarf and harlequin pumpkin (currently out of stock) add the perfect pop to our living room. The spider was a gift to Grayson from my father-in-law…it light’s up, makes noise and moves up and down! The cauldron on the fireplace hearth is the most useful piece of decor this season. We are working on teaching Grayson to clean up his toys, and I will say this is a huge help!

The final area in our house that I added a little Halloween flair to is the kitchen. On our buffet table I put a few decorations from my mom, along with a halloween Bath and Body Works candle (my fav!) and a framed picture from Grayson’s first Halloween last year when we dressed as Aladdin, Jasmine and Abu! The table always has the glass candle holders, but I added some candy corn and switched out the candles to these festive ones. I also added a spider webbed table runner. Finally, behind the stove I put a trick or treat sign that I got many years ago at Hobby Lobby!

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