Geaux Tigers!

A few weekends ago we took our little Tiger to his first LSU game. Jason and I both went to LSU and are huge Tiger fans, so we were so excited to take Grayson to the game.

Our best friends and their little boy were in town visiting from South Carolina, so we knew this would be the perfect game to bring them to. We got the boys matching outfits and loaded them with snacks for the drive to Tiger Stadium.

It was a day game, and we weren’t playing a ranked team, so the crowds weren’t too bad. In South Louisiana its still in the 90s though…it was HOT! We got to campus and did a little bit of tailgating. Then, we headed into the stadium. Grayson was AMAZED by the football players. He kept yelling “GOAL” (Jason has trained him to love soccer, so he yells goal for every sport he sees lol!”). He also loved the band. His favorite part though was of course the food…he had nachos and cheese and Dippin’ Dots. We made it through one whole quarter before the boys got restless. I really wasn’t expecting much more with 2 wild and crazy toddlers, especially since it was during nap time!

On the way out of the stadium we made a stop at Mike the Tiger’s cage so the boys could see him. He was awake and walking around, so we got a great view of him, which the boys LOVED! It was such a memorable day topped off with a Tiger win! I know this was the first of many #LSU games for Grayson, and we can’t wait to bring him back! #geauxtigers

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