February Favorites

Throughout the month I find myself using and/or doing some of the same things over and over. There are so many great products or routines that make my life as a wife and mom easier, make me feel good about myself or just happen to be things I love. I have decided to start sharing my top 10 favorites at the end of each month in case there are any other moms who can benefit from the things I am enjoying as well!


Now that Audrey is getting a little bigger, she isn’t as secure in the Moby Wrap I have. I recently pulled out our Ergobaby Carrier that we bought 2 years ago when Grayson was a baby, and Audrey is loving it! I think she is getting spoiled though because she now wants to be carried all the time! We used it during Mardi Gras and this little angel slept through almost the entire parade. It is even perfect for around the house when I’m trying to do chores and she wants a little extra loving. You can find the baby carrier here.


I have been a fan of Erin Condren planners for years! I have used both the life planner and the teacher planner to keep me organized and on track. This year I decided to try out the petite planner folio system also. Using both my life planner and the daily petite planner is the perfect combination for me. I use my life planner as a broad overview of months and weeks and my daily planner for the daily to dos I need to complete. I have finally found a system that is perfect for my busy life. Erin Condren has expanded so much and really does have something for everyone. If you would like to receive $10 off your first order, click here!


I have been getting so much use out of my Magic Bullet now that Audrey is eating food. I love to purée different fruits and veggies for her. I spend an hour or two and blend up an assortment of food and freeze them to have for future use. I’ve also gotten back in the habit of having a daily #fab4smoothie. I use the blender every night to prep my smoothie for the following day. It is so easy and convenient to make a single serving size instead of having leftovers that go to waste.


Along with drinking the daily fab four smoothie, Jason and I started intermittent fasting at the beginning of February. We are practicing the 16:8 method. It’s been a full 28 days, and I am loving it! Although I have only lost a few pounds, I feel really good. I’m less bloated and not as tired (even without drinking coffee first thing in the morning!) At first I wasn’t sure how I would do only eating for 8 hours of the day, but my body adjusted quickly and I plan to continue this for the foreseeable future!


We got this bath kneeler and elbow rest as a gift from my aunt this month and it is awesome! How we didn’t have a product like this already is beyond me? It makes leaning over the tub to bathe the kids so much more comfortable. There are four pockets as well, which provide the perfect storage space for shampoo and toys. The best part is that when you are finished, the kneeler velcros to the arm rest to get it off the floor and out of the way. This would make a great baby gift for a first time mom!


Continuing with the trend of a healthier lifestyle, we got the Peloton App back in January. We didn’t want to invest in the bike just yet, so we found an inexpensive spin bike on Amazon Marketplace. Both Jason and I are hooked! Spin is easily my favorite form of cardio and now that I have the bike in our garage it’s so easy to grab a quick sweat sesh while the kiddos nap or after they go to bed. The app is around $10 a month and offers tons of classes. In addition to spin, you can find lots of other workout options from running to strength training. Now that I see how great it is, I’m working on convincing Jason to save up for the bike:)

7. SUMMER OF ’69

One of my New Year’s resolutions this year was to read one book each month. That didn’t happen in January, but this month I have been reading Summer of ’69 by Elin Hilderbrand. She is one of my favorite authors, and I am really enjoying her newest book. I try to read for 15-20 minutes every night before I go to bed, which helps me wind down and fall asleep. Full disclosure….I still have about 50 pages left, but I can’t wait to finish it tonight!


This is my daily go to tinted moisturizer and sunscreen in one! It is pricey, but worth every penny in my opinion. It is light weight so it is perfect to wear under your makeup. It also provides just enough coverage to wear it by itself on no makeup days. I usually get mine from my esthetician, but I have also gotten it here.


If you have a toddler, chances are you already know who Blippy is. On the off chance you haven’t been introduced to this millionaire entertainer and educator, go check him out on Youtube…you may thank me or you may hate me lol! Grayson has recently discovered him and he is obsessed.


My 13 year old step son calls me “VSCO” for using this water bottle, but I still love it. I have the 32 ounce one and use it every day. I try to fill it up three times because I aim to drink at least 90 ounces of water everyday. The lid with the straw is leak proof, so I can throw it in my bag without worrying about it leaking and it is insulated to keep ice from melting as well.

I’d love to hear if you have tried any of these items before and what you think about them. Also, please be sure to share some of your favorite items from the month so I can check them out as well! Be sure to follow me on Instagram @organizedchaosblog for lots more products and helpful mom hacks. I hope everyone had a great February!

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