10 Best Kitchen Gadgets

Favorite Kitchen Gadgets- Tuesday’s Ten

I’m not going to lie…I’m a sucker for kitchen gadgets. If it can save time or make my job in the kitchen a little easier, chances are it’s going in my Amazon cart. Today I’m sharing my top 10 most used kitchen gadgets!

I am not including the most common things (like pots, pans, knives, etc) that I use on a daily basis. However, these are all items that I use multiple times a week and love!

Top 10 must have kitchen gadgets

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My day can’t officially start without a cup of coffee. We’ve tried many different types, but always come back to this classic 12 cup Cuisinart coffee maker. I love that you can set a timer, and it stays on to keep the coffee warm for hours. Also, we only have to make one pot, but can refill our mug several times….a must for most parents!

My kids are obsessed with PB&J sandwiches, specifically Uncrustables. I much rather save the money and make them at home. This handy Cut -n- Seal tool from the Pampered Chef is perfect for making home mede Uncrustables. The exact one I have is not available any more, but this newer version looks even better than mine! I think I will be upgrading soon!

The Magic Bullet Food Processer is one of my most used kitchen items. I make smoothies in it daily. We also use it any time we need to blend up small amounts of food, but don’t want to take out the large blender.

If you have little kids, you need this grape cutter! It makes life so much easier to quickly slice large grapes into 4 pieces. I like to cut a bunch at a time and store them in the fridge for a quick and easy snack.

We like to have a side salad with dinner multiple times a week. I typically buy heads of romaine and use this salad spinner to dry and “fluff” the leaves after washing them.

I try to substitute veggies for pasta whenever possible. This Vegetable Spiralizer and Slicer is a must if you love zoodles. It comes with 5 different blades for whatever slice you are going for.

It’s no surprise that I love a good glass of wine! This wine opener is the BEST (and trust me I’ve tried many)!

Another kitchen gadget that is great for saving time is this apple slicer. I love that it takes the core out and cuts the apple into 8 equal slices in one motion. Best invention ever!!

Y’all know I love my crockpot meals for busy work nights. This crockpot is the one I have and love. I use it weekly. Check out three of my go-to crockpot recipes!

Anyone else love adding boiled eggs to their salad? It’s my favorite. I love using an egg slicer to get them cut up really fine (I usually double slice it). I also use this gadget when making things like potato salad and chicken salad.

These ten kitchen gadgets make life in the kitchen so much easier! Do you love any of these products too?

Let me know below what your must have kitchen item is so I can check it out. Make sure you are following me on Instagram, too, so you can see somme of these items in use! As always, thanks for reading, liking and sharing! XOXO

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