Diaper Bag Essentials

As a mom of 2 kiddos under the age of three, it gets very chaotic when we are getting ready to go anywhere. I can’t tell you how many times I have gone to leave the house only to realize I forgot to put something in the diaper bag. One of the best things I started doing is repacking the diaper bag as soon as I get home from an outing. This way I know it is ready to grab and go the next time I have to rush out of the door, and I’m not scrambling around trying to get things together!

Over the past 2 years, I’ve learned through lots of trial and error what is important to keep in my diaper bag and what I can do without. I may keep more than the average person, but my motto is “It’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it!” Keep reading to see what diaper bag I use and love as well as the essential items I think every mama needs to carry:

Diaper Bag

I carry the Pipi Bear Diaper Bag, and it is amazing. It’s around $30 from Amazon, comes in a ton of colors and is super durable. It also has a lots of pockets on the inside and outside for holding and organizing all the things, and comes with 2 clips so you can easily attach it to your stroller.

All Things Dirty Diapers

As all parents know, your baby will have a dirty diaper (probably the minute you pull out of the driveway), so you need plenty of supplies for when they do. I always make sure to have diapers for both Grayson and Audrey, wipes and diaper rash cream. The wipes can double to clean dirty hands and faces as well.

I also like to carry these small disposable diaper bags with me. 9 times out of 10 you will be somewhere that has a garbage can, but it is still thoughtful to put stinky diapers in a bag before tossing them. Also, on the rare occasion that you can’t find a garbage can, you’ll be glad you have these…trust me! They also work to hold wet or dirty clothes.

A changing pad is a must because I don’t want to lay my baby on a dirty changing table in a public restroom. It also comes in handy if you have to stop and change the baby in the backseat of your car. They also make disposable changing pads like these, which are super, convenient.

Finally don’t forget hand sanitizer, just make sure its not in a spot your kiddos can access it!

Bibs, Bottles and Food

Depending on the stage your baby is in will depend on what you keep as far as food and snacks go. I always have plenty of snacks for Grayson as well as emergency formula for Audrey in case she needs it. I always grab a fresh bottle of mild and sip cup of juice/water for Grayson when we are walking out of the door, but extras stay packed in the diaper bag. Also, don’t forget bibs and burp cloths to help prevent messes.

Toys and Books

I like to have a few books and small toys that can occupy the kids when needed. We love these Melissa and Doug Water Wow books as well as soft books like these for Audrey. I also keep a few small cars and trucks and small light up musical toys like this one from VTech. I talked about this in a previous post, but the Baby Shusher is another product I never leave home without. This portable sound machine is perfect for soothing a fussy baby in the car or out in public.

Just In Case

I always make sure to have at least one extra outfit for each of my kiddos (usually 2 for Audrey) in case there is an accident or mess that involves a wardrobe change. If the weather is cold I throw in a jacket or sweater as well.

If you baby takes a pacifier, make sure you keep extras in your bag. They are bound to get lost or fall on the floor and get dirty.

I also like to keep a small first aid kit and Children’s Tylenol in my bag for the inevitable bobo. During the summer months I also keep a small tube of sunscreen with me as well.

Finally, I always have a light blanket at the bottom of my bag. This is useful if you are in a building that is cold, and it also and double as a nursing cover if you are breastfeeding.

Mom’s Essentials

The final thing I like to have is a small bag filled with things I need (chap stick or lip gloss, powder, feminine products, a small wallet with extra cash, etc.). This bag can easily be transferred from my purse to the diaper bag so you don’t have to haul multiple bags around.

I hope you find some of these items helpful when packing your diaper bag. Also, let me know in the comments if there is anything you pack that I need to add to my bag.

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