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My Christmas Wish List | Tuesday’s Ten

For the next few weeks, my Tuesday’s Ten posts will be dedicated to Christmas gift guides. Today, I’m starting it off with gifts for women (although many of these gifts would be enjoyed by men too!) I’m sharing ten items on my personal wish list.

By the request of Jason and my family, I always make a list of several big-ticket items for them to pick from. I let them decide which one to get that way there is still an element of surprise on Christmas Day.

I’ll be sharing less expensive and smaller items in a few weeks when I post my stocking stuffer ideas. Also, in case you missed it be sure to check out my post about 11 ways to plan ahead for the holidays. Okay, now let the gift-giving ideas begin!

Women's Gift Guide

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The number one item on my wish list this year is this Barefoot Dreams throw blanket (wow, I’m getting old when I want a blanket for Christmas!) While I realize the price point on this is ridiculous, if it is anything like the sweaters or robe, it will be worth every penny.

The next item is a handheld steamer. I’m asking for this mainly so I don’t have to hear my mom complain about how wrinkled my kids’ clothes are anymore….j/k mom! Honestly, I just don’t have the time to pull out the iron, and this seems so much more convenient!

I’m finally facing my fear of the Instant Pot (anyone else super intimidated by this gadget?) As much as I love and use my crockpot, I have been told this is even better. I also would love this Skinny Taste cookbook to give me recipe ideas. Get ready because I’ll be sharing all the meals I try on Instagram!

I think I may be one of the few people left that don’t own AirPods. I used to think they were a waste of money, but over the last few months I’ve been using my knock-off pair nonstop, so I’ve decided it’s time for an upgrade.

While this iRobot Roomba technically isn’t a “gift” for me, if it saves me from vacuuming twice a week, sign me up. We have wanted one of these for a while. Now that we have two toddlers I think it’s time to invest.

Another item that has been on my wishlist for a while is a full-length mirror for our bedroom. I asked for recommendations on Insta a few weeks back and someone sent me this one which I love. I’m hoping it goes back on sale because I might treat myself to it!

I’ve had my eye on these Budha Girl bracelets for a while now, but have never bought them. I think they would look great with so many different outfits, especially during the holiday season.

Meat and cheese boards seem to be so popular lately, and I’m not mad about it! I have my eye on a few different wooden charcuterie boards including this one from Etsy, this one from Kirkland’s, and these from Willimas-Sonoma.

For a more practical gift, this charging dock would be perfect for all my electronic devices. We got a dock that charges all of our IPads about a year ago and love it. This dock would be perfect for charging my phone, watch, and AirPods (that I’ll hopefully get) every night.

Finally, the last item on my wish list this year is a new pair of booties. I wear booties nonstop in the winter so my current ones are all looking a little dingy. I love the dark brown color of these and the chunky heel isn’t too high so I can still chase the kids.

If you want even more gift ideas for women, check out my Mother’s Day gift guide and any of my monthly favorites posts. All are filled with products I have, love, and highly recommend.

Next week, I’ll be sharing my toddler gift guides. Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss out! Thanks so much for reading. XOXO

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