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We just got back from a wonderful week-long trip to the beach. Jason and I went a few days early to get some alone time and to celebrate his 35th birthday, and our parents and the kids came for the second part of the week. Packing for a week at the beach is no easy task, especially with a baby and toddler in tow. I’ve compiled a list of my top 10 beach essentials, as well as 10 necessities for a child’s beach bag. I’ve also included miscellaneous items that I take with me anywhere we go for “just in case” situations.

First up- here are 10 items that are essential for ME when I’m at the beach (or pool):

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Beach Bag

My newest obsession is my Bogg bag. They are currently on backorder (I’ll share when they are available again), but I was recently able to track down two of them, and I totally get the hype. For starters they are HUGE. They can easily fit all of your beach necessities. They are also made of a durable material and you can spray them down to get any sand off of them when you leave the beach. You can get the small pouch to put inside which is perfect for items like your cell phone or chapstick for your lips. I know this is a bag I will use for years for many different things!Another great option are these large utility totes from thirty-one!

A Good Book

Check out my Instagram highlight reel “book worm”for all my recommendations and the books on my summer reading list.

A Cooler and Drinks

Some kind of ice chest and a tumbler to keep your drink cold is a must for a hot summer day. If you are going the route of Bogg bags, they make these Bogg Bag Brrr inserts that fit directly into the beach bag. They can also be used alone. I also love my Hydroflask because it keeps my drinks cold all day.

Speaker and Playlist

This Ultimate Ears Megaboom bluetooth speaker is our go-to. The sound quality can’t be beat and it is waterproof, drop proof and durable. Make sure to download a good beach playlist on your phone or stream one from Pandora or Apple Music.

Beach Hat and Sunglasses

The older I get, the more I realize the importance of sun protection. These days I do anything I can to prevent wrinkles including wearing large beach hats like this one. This is one of my favorites because the opening at the top allows me to throw my hair up in a pony when its hot outside.I’ve talked about them before, but Quay Australia makes a great pair of sunglasses for such an affordable price. They are by far my favorite. I also love these from Amazon which are under $15 and polarized.


A cute coverup is great to throw on if you want to stop and get a bite to eat or for going to and from the beach. I personally like a white one like this one from Target because it goes with any swimsuit.

Beach Mat

An extra large beach mat/picnic blanket is ideal for the beach, especially if you have kids with you. It provides a semi sand free area to play and eat. The one we have is no longer available, but this one looks great too.


These light weight beach towels from Dock & Bay are great for the beach. They are huge but fold up really small, are made of a quick dry material and are sand proof.


Sunscreen for you face, lips and body is extremely important not just at the beach but everyday. My go to brands are Sun Bum and Neutrogena.

Moving on to the kids- Here are 10 items that are essential for kids to have a great (and hopefully meltdown free) day at the beach:

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If your kids are anything like mine, they aren’t happy unless they are snacking lol. This Gobe Snack Spinner is perfect for the beach because you can put 6 different snacks in it and not have to worry about them spilling. I also pack a thermos like this one to keep drinks cold.

Beach Wagon

When hauling tons of supplies back and forth to the beach, the easiest way is with a wagon. To be honest, the one we bought was not the best (I didn’t do enough research). The trick is to have big wheels to make it easier to roll through the sand. This one from Target has great reviews. A wagon is also something you can use for years as your kids grown and play sports, etc.

Sun Protection

It’s really important to protect your kid’s delicate skin. This means lots of sunscreen (our go to brand is Baby Bum), hats or bonnets and sunglasses too.

Pop Up Tent

We have had this pop up tent for several years and use it to keep the kids in the shade every time we go to the beach. We also use it in the backyard at home. It’s large enough for several kids to fit in it, but folds flat for easy storage.

Puddle Jumper

Water safety is top priority at the beach. This puddle jumper is our favorite for the pool or beach. It comes in a ton of different designs and is suitable for kids up to 50 pounds.

Beach Toys

Melissa and Doug beach toys are so much fun for the kids. They make a baking set, a cookie set and a cupcake set.

Hooded Beach Towels

I love hooded beach towels for the kids because it makes it easier for them to keep them on. The ones from Pottery Barn Kids are my favorite. They make so many cute patterns and prints, and they are always on sale. (Currently they are only $17.)

Water Shoes and Swim Diapers

While my kids don’t wear shoes in the water, we do love these Natives for daily use and walking on the hot sand. We also buy a large pack of these Huggies Little Swimmers each summer for use at the pool and beach.

Finally, here are some miscellaneous items I take with me. These items pretty much stay the same wherever we are going (give or take a few that are beach specific). My motto is I’d rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

  1. Small Flashlights– to use for catching crabs at night
  2. Sun Bum– cool down after sun spray
  3. Portable Fan
  4. Children’s Tylenol, Motrin, and thermometer– pain reliever just in case
  5. Mini First Aid Kit
  6. After Bite– for any unexpected sting or bite
  7. Baby Powder– to remove sand from your body
  8. Shampoo and Body Wash
  9. Baby Lotion
  10. Safety Swabs

I hope you find some of these items helpful when packing for your upcoming beach trip or day at the pool. Next week I’ll be sharing my favorite swimsuit finds for moms (I did a LOT of research to find the best suits out there!) As always, make sure you are following me on Instagram for real time updates and ideas! I’m also now on Like to Know It where you can shop directly from my photos! I hope everyone has a great week:)

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