Bathtime Essentials

One of the best parts of the day is bathtime with the kids. They both love the water and have so much fun taking baths. This is the time of day when Jason and I are usually exhausted, but getting to see them play together gives us that little boost of energy to get through the rest of the evening. One reason it’s so enjoyable for the kids is because of the products we use and the fun toys we keep in the tub. I’ve compiled a list of our top 10 bathtime essentials that we love.

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  1. Crayola Bath Dropz and Crayons– These are Grayson’s favorite things about bath time. He loves to drop one or two color tabs into the water each night and watch it change color. The crayons are great to draw all over the tub and easily wipe away with a wet wash cloth.
  2. Aveeno Baby Products– Our go to for shampoo, body wash and lotion is Aveeno. Their products are gentle enough for newborns and our kids have never had any reactions to them.
  3. Float and Play Bubbles Bath Toys– Both Grayson and Audrey love these floating bath bubbles that rattle, bobble, spin, and shine. They are sized for little hands to hold and are perfect for baby’s first bath toy.
  4. Bath Basketball Hoop– Another hit in the tub is this basketball hoop. The best part about this toy is that it can also be used outside of the tub since it sticks to most surfaces.
  5. Bubble Crab– This bubble bath maker is so much fun for the kids. The suction cups easily stick to most surfaces, and it plays 12 different nursery rhymes. This is definitely a hit in our house!
  6. Foam Bath Letters– These foam bath letters are perfect for toddlers like Grayson who are starting to learn their ABCs. As a teacher and a mom, I use any excuse I can to get in a mini educational lesson. We have been working on spelling his name, and he loves doing it in the tub with these letters.
  7. Rinse Cup– A good hair rinser is a must to keep water out of your little one’s eyes. This cup is great because the rubber gently suctions to the child’s forehead to prevent water from leaking on to their face.
  8. Aqua Scale Baby Bathtub– A baby bathtub is a must for infants and young babies. This is the one that we got when Grayson was born, and we love it. It has a built in digital scale that can be used with or without water to weigh your baby. It also has a thermometer to monitor and display the water temperature during bathtime.
  9. Bath Kneeler– This baby kneeler is something we got as a gift a few months back. I didn’t know I was missing out until I tried it- game changer! It makes it so much more comfortable for Jason and I to kneel and bathe the kids. It has an arm rest and two pouches to store bath products, too.
  10. Hooded Bath Towels– These adorable hooded bath towels from Pottery Barn Kids are the perfect way to finish off bath time. You can get the towel in any animal you want, and they come in different sizes, too. I just can’t resist a clean baby cuddled up in a cute hooded towel!

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