Back to School Series- Homework/Virtual Learning Station

It’s Day 3 of our BTS series, and today Megan and I are sharing all about homework or virtual learning stations. Whether your kids are learning virtually this year or going to traditional school and just need a place to do homework, a functional workstation is so important. As a working mama, I personally love a space where I can sit and get things done distraction free, and kids are no different. Having a designated area to do school work is essential for a productive year. Today I’m sharing a few tips for creating a homework or virtual learning station (even if you don’t have extra space in your house) that doesn’t break the bank.

Location, location, location

The purpose of a workstation is to help your child be as productive as possible. The location will depend on several factors such as the age or your child, how much help they need with work, how often they will be working or how many kids you have. Try to pick a quiet place where your kids can concentrate. Limit distractions like TV or noisy siblings. It may be as simple as the kitchen counter or dining room table, or you may be lucky enough to have an empty bedroom or office that you can use as your kids workstation. My stepson Alex is starting high school this year, so we knew he needed a place to work away from craziness of Grayson and Audrey (currently 1 and 2). He doesn’t have a ton of space in his room, but we bought him this desk that fits perfectly in the corner. He can go in his room, close the door and get his work done independently when he needs to.

Clutter Free, Organized and Inviting

Having an organized and inviting space will go a long way to keeping your kiddos on task. You want the area they are working in to feel like their own little haven. Make sure there is no clutter around. Put away distractions like toys and games and set up the area so it is organized and inviting. Simple things like hanging a bulletin board or a wire with clothes pins lets your kids to display their pictures, projects or work. Also, it’s always a good idea to have good lighting. I love this inexpensive lamp because it doesn’t take up much room and is so bright.

Have Materials Handy

Kids will use any excuse to avoid doing work so make sure you have all the materials they need close by for them to easily access. Don’t worry about not having space; there are so many simple storage options. If kids are working at the kitchen table you can designate one cabinet for all supplies. Another great storage option are these over the door shoe organizers. You can put different supplies in each pocket and store it out of sight when not in use. My favorite storage and organization option is this 3-tier cart because its large enough all the materials they need, text books and even a lap top when not in use. They are on wheels as well so you can move it around your house or store it in a closet if need be.

Materials that I recommend having handy:


In this day and age kids are bound to be using technology, especially those who are learning virtually. Be sure that they are working near an outlet or that you have an extension chord in order to keep their devices plugged in and working properly. Also, make sure your kids are taking regular “brain breaks” if they are working for an extended period of time. Get them up and moving- jumping jacks, laps around the living room, or going outside for a few minutes of sunshine can do wonders for their mood and productivity!

I hope you find some of these tips helpful when setting up a homework or learning station in your own house. nBe sure to head over to Megan’s blog to get even more inspo. She is currently teaching from home, so I know she will have so many great ideas! As always, thanks for reading, liking and sharing! XO

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