ABC Easter Egg Hunt

My two year old, Grayson, has been obsessed with Easter egg hunts this year. We have been doing them practically every day. I’ve been trying to come up with ways to make them fun and different. Last weekend we did a glow in the dark hunt (check out the details on my Instagram page). This time, I decided to switch it up and make it educational by having an ABC Easter egg hunt.

All you need to recreate this hunt are letters (I used these ABC magnets that we already had), plastic Easter eggs and a board of some sort. Ours is from Lakeshore learning, but you can find them at most stores. If you don’t want to buy a magnetic board, a cookie tray works great as well.

Since Grayson is just starting to learn his letters, I wrote the alphabet on the board for him as a guide. For an older learner, you could omit this step. When he woke up from his nap he found Easter eggs hidden all over the living room. After collecting all the eggs we opened them together to find the ABC magnets. He then had to match the magnets to the board on top of the correct letter. We talked about what colors the letters were and even words that started with some of the letters.

This activity could also be modified for more advanced learners. You could have them arrange the letters without the guide, sort them by sound, or even build words.

With Grayson home everyday, I am really trying to incorporate learning into our day as much as possible so he doesn’t fall behind. I really am impressed with how much he is continuing to learn each day. He loves fun learning activities like this one…probably because he sees how excited I get over how much he knows. Also, it doesn’t hurt that he usually gets Starburst Jelly Beans for his hard work too!

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