I think we can all agree that 2020 was a year that we will never forget. I could easily dwell on all the negative parts; however, I would rather focus on the good times with family and the many blessings that this year brought us. Today I'm sharing my top 20 unforgettable memories from 2020.

20 Unforgettable Memories from 2020

I think we can all agree that 2020 was a year that we will never forget. I could easily dwell on all the negative parts; however, I would rather focus on the good times with family and the many blessings that this year brought us. Today I’m sharing my top 20 unforgettable memories from 2020.

***Make sure you read to the very end because the last memory is my FAVORITE!

1. Grayson and Audrey’s First Day of Daycare

When I went back to work in January after Christmas break, we enrolled Grayson (2) and Audrey (6-months) in daycare for the very first time. I was a hot mess mama leaving my babies with strangers, and it took a while for them to adjust, but I know deep down it was the best thing for them.

Grayson’s first day of daycare (2 years old)

That is until a month and a half later when quarantine struck and we pulled them out to stay home with me (now teaching from home) until August. I will be FOREVER thankful for those five extra months at home with my babies!

Audrey’s first day of daycare (6 months)

2. LSU Wins the National Championship

Geaux Tigers! What a season! What a game! Jason and I were lucky enough to have a parent’s night out in Nola to go to the game and hang out with friends. It was so much fun, and a night we will never forget!

LSU wins the National Championship

3. Mardi Gras in Thibodaux

We took Grayson and Audrey to their first Mardi Gras parade in my home town of Thibodaux. It was the perfect introduction to one of my favorite holidays. We had a great day as a family and the kids loved catching the beads!

Mardi Gras in Thibodaux

4. Grayson’s First Soccer Season

GOAL!!! Our little soccer star joined the Happy Feet soccer league at the ripe old age of 2 (daddy is clearly itching for Grayson to follow in his footsteps). I’m not sure how much he actually learned, but he sure had a blast running around and getting energy out.

5. Fun in the Sun

During quarantine, we spent a TON of time outside! Whether we were playing on the waterslide in our backyard or poolside at K and Papa’s house, these kiddos loved being in the sun.

6. Easter (Quarantine Style)

This was the first Easter of my entire life that we weren’t surrounded by extended family. While it was a little sad not seeing everyone, we made the most of it by having a non-traditional meal and staying safe at home with just the 5 of us.

Easter 2020 (COVID style)

Don’t worry…we still found a way to get pictures with the Easter Bunny!

A virtual visit to see the Easter Bunny

7. My 34th Birthday

Happy Birthday to me! I celebrated turning 34 with my favorite people, my favorite cake, and my favorite pizza! #thankfulandblessed

8. Mother’s Day

We spent a quiet Mother’s Day weekend at home with my parents and in-laws. Being a mom is by far my favorite job in the world, and I am beyond lucky to have these three kiddos in my life!

My favorite job in the world
Forever grateful for the love and support of my mom (and my mother-in-law who I need to take more pictures with!)

9. Alex Graduates St. Thomas Moore

I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that Alex graduated from elementary school and is now in high school. I met him when he was just a scrawny little kindergartener, and I am so proud of the awesome young man he has become. He is so well-rounded and kind-hearted, and I couldn’t ask for a better role model for our younger kids.

Alex graduates and is off to high school

10. Grayson’s First Swimming Lessons

Grayson took swimming lessons for the first time from my cousin, Meggie. He is my little fish, so I knew he would love it. As much as he enjoyed being in the water, his favorite part was getting his sucker at the end of each lesson!

Grayson takes swimming lessons for the first time

11. Family Beach Trip

Since our big vacation to Napa got canceled due to COVID, we decided to take a small family trip to the beach. We felt pretty confident that we could safely social distance from others, and we did. It was the perfect getaway, and the kids had a blast in the sand and the ocean.

12. Jason’s 35th Birthday (at the beach)

Jason and I snuck off to the beach just the two of us a few days early. This allowed us to celebrate his 35th birthday kid-free. As much as we missed our Rugrats, it was so nice to have some time as a couple. We laid on the beach, enjoyed some yummy cocktails, and went out to an adult dinner…twice!

13. Father’s Day

Couldn’t ask for a better daddy for our kids

14. 4th of July in South Carolina

For the 4th of July, we drove up to Taylor’s (Greenville) South Carolina to visit our best friends. It was our first time going, and we can’t wait to go back! We spent a ton of time outdoors, ate some great food, and had so much fun watching our kids play together.

15. Audrey Turns ONE- Every day is a Gift

Our spunky baby girl turned one in July (how!!??) and we celebrated her with a birthday party at my mom and dad’s house. To see all the party details and many more pictures you can check out her Every day is a Gift themed party post.

16. Grand Isle

Every year my friends take a trip to Grand Isle with all our kids for a weekend of fun. We missed out last year because I had just given birth to Audrey, so we were so excited to go this year.

11 kids and counting…

17. Halloween Peter Pan Style

We LOVE Halloween. Every year we go all out with a fun family-themed costume. We have a Disney tradition going, so this year we picked Peter Pan. Grayson is at the best age where he can really have a great time trick-or-treating and of course, eating all the candy!

Trick or Treat!

18. Grayson turns THREE

Our sour patch kid turned 3 in November! I took the day off of work to spend with him. We went to the trampoline park, got Chick-fil-a and finished the day at home with lots of presents and cake! Instead of a party this year, we took him to Global Wildlife to see all the animals, which he LOVED.

Young, wild and THREE!

19. Hunting in Texas

We took a family road trip to the hunting camp in West Texas for Thanksgiving this year. The kids had a blast riding the Polaris and just being outside. Alex was so excited to kill a 10 point!

20. It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It really is. Christmas this year was the BEST. There is nothing like seeing the magic of the season through the eyes of your children.

And the grand finale of 2020…

We received some really awesome news in November! We are so excited to be welcoming our final peanut to the family in July! Life will surely be crazy with three-under-four and a teenager, but we can’t wait!

I think Grayson’s face says it all.

Going through my pictures made me realize just how many amazing things happened this year. Picking my top 20 unforgettable memories from 2020 was actually pretty hard.

Here’s to 2021 and all the new adventures that await. I hope you all have an amazing year. Be sure to follow me on Instagram for more life updates. Thanks so much for reading!

XOXO, Nicole

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